Ass toy

Every trans woman loves an ass toy. And if you want to know why, its kind of simple. They love them because they are the perfect companion when alone. Let’s face it guys, an ass toy stays hard forever and the girls love it. And Mariana Cordoba is no different. She can not get enough of playing with her ass and when there is no man around she turs to her toys. Meaning that she gets herself hot, lubed and sticks it in to work her ass.

Most of you guys have probably tried this yourself and if you have not, you need to. Just watch the movie below and then do what Mariana does. The movie in the members area of Mariana’s site is full length and you will love watching this. As she slowly gets her cock rock hard while stroking it. And then slips the lubed toy deep into her ass hole. She gets hotter and hotter until she makes herself cum shooting the load up onto her big tranny tits.

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Ass toy

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