Anal toy fuck

Now an Anal toy fuck is not the same as an ass fuck. But it does use an anal toy. Hahahha. Did I just confuse the shit out of you? Because I almost confused myself with that. But today I wanted to bring you something special and that is a video of Mariana working her ass with a big toy. And then jerking her massive cock to shoot her creamy load on the table for you.

Mariana was visiting another city and she stopped in a nice hotel. When she unpacked she was happy to see that her anal toy was still in her bag. Sadly things like that often disappear when she is traveling. So upon seeing it she got the idea that it might be some fun to release some travel stress and work her ass all at the same time. And since she was alone doing it in the bathroom was the easiest. So she headed in and started playing.

The video below is the result of her anal toy fuck. And as you can see by it and the photo its fucking HOT! And if you want to see the rest of this movie, which I know you do. Then you can click here and join her exclusive members area. Or you can click on the image at the bottom of the page and join that way. But either way. Click now and join!

Anal Toy

No not every anal toy is the same. And no they are not really a one size fits all. They are something that you really need to play around with so that you find the toy that fits you best and excites you the most.

For Mariana that toy is a big bigger than a lot of trans girls or men would take. But she likes to feel her tranny ass pussy open wide to allow the toy in. She likes to feel it go deep and to pull and tug at her ass pussy lips as it goes in and out. But most of all Mariana loves one she can stick to the wall so that she can just lean back and fuck herself silly and not have to worry about the Anal toy moving.

Anal fuck

I dont even think I need to tell you what an anal fuck is. But I will for those of you who are translating this site. Its simple. It is the same thing as an ass fuck or a butt fuck, or any other phrase that you can think of. Something entering the ass, and being pushed and pulled in and out in a motion that mimics a good hard fuck.

So make sure that when you are ready to try a good hot anal toy fuck. That you get the right size and put it in the right position to get the best feeling out of it. Click right now to watch Mariana as she demonstrates that exact detail in her hot anal toy fuck.

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