You guessed right

Yes, you all guessed right, that supportive pole is my shecock!!!:)

On another note, I went to the premiere of my friend’s play in Buenos Aires. She was fan-tas-tic, beautiful, second to none. I wore that mini-dress I told you about, the very short and tight one. My legs were the sensation of the after party. I received a lot of compliments and I believed them all. They asked me if I played tennis or if I was a ballerina…hahaha. Of course those were the ones that did not have a clue I was a shemale, because there were those who did and kept looking at me libidinously, imagining themselves with my cock in their mouths.  I know that type, the sneaky ones, who what really wanted was to stick their heads between my legs and go “Hmblagh, hmblagh, hmblagh”

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3 Responses to You guessed right

  1. Average Joe says:

    I’ll hmblagh your supportive pole all night long. 😉

  2. matthew'marie says:

    Oh flower ur stunning I can just feel all that meet in my ass n then deep into my throat

  3. Robert says:

    No reason we cant lock ourselves in the bathroom for a couple hours. hmblagh!

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