Where Do You Want My Cum?

I’m talking to one of my members right now about filming a video with me, and he offered: “I will let you shoot your load anywhere you want to”.

So, here’s your opportunity to get my load exactly where you want it! Where should I cum? His face, his mouth, his ass, his cock, etc… Post your comments, I really want to know and as usual, I will please you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

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20 Responses to Where Do You Want My Cum?

  1. mike says:

    would love to see your load dripping out of his ass

  2. Average Joe says:

    You should shot your huge load on his chest and make him scoop up the load to slurp. Or make him swallow that amazing load he will be getting the privilege to get. Eithr way I wish I was that guy. If that was me after we were done taking turns fucking each others asses, as your about to cum I would suck all the cum from that she-cock of yours Mariana.

  3. Westtsidee says:

    In his mouth..
    That’s where I would want it..
    I would suck it out of your shecock as you cum.

  4. Peegee says:

    I’d like to see your cum dripping out of his ass. Give him a nice creampie. Only then you will have made him your bitch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Martin says:

    If it were me I would like it on your cock and belly! I could lick it up, suck your cock some, lick up more, lick your balls, etc. Of course on his face would be nice too but I would rather have it on my face. Just watching you looking down at me would be such a turn on but in this case it’s not.

  6. mad for big hunts says:

    Oh, Gorgeous Mariana
    I love your cock. I wanna suck him, stroke him, feel your big hung in my ass. You have the best shemale cock in the world. I love the perfect shape of your cock!! I would like to feel your cock pulsing in my tight ass.

  7. mad for big hungs says:

    sorry, gorgeous… I am “mad for big hungs”

  8. mad for big hungs says:

    I love you. You are so sexxxy, so gorgeous. Your big cock is fantastic. I wanna suck your big hung, feel him in my tight ass. I wanna stroke your big cock. He is the best, the biggest shemale cock on the net. I would love to have him in my hands, stroke until cumshot, kiss your big ass. I would like to feel your pulsating big hung in my little asshole. love it. A big kiss to a big cock!

  9. Renegade says:

    Well I think you should fuck him across his lip’s. So your precum strats to drip into his mouth making him taste you. Then as he’s is losing his mind with longing. You cum all over his mouth dripping down his face so he has to quickly lap it up or lose your cum. mmmmmmmm!!

  10. Gregory Paschal says:

    You shouldn’t cum on him at all…you should come on or in me. You can do anything you want to me, i’m a HUGE fan! I’ve seen nearly all of your scenes, and fucking love LOVE your sexy body and BEAUTIFUL face!!! You have a perfect body…smooth sexy skin, long delicious legs, big gorgeous boobs, an ass that i would do anything to taste and feel, the tastiest looking toes and feet…GOD DAMN i wanna suck those toes, long sexy hair, and the most beautiful eyes on the most beautiful face ever! Seriously, I would love to meet you…You turn me on more than you can imagine!
    If i could kiss one part of your body…it would be your feet. But if I could kiss any part of you at all, id want to kiss your lips.
    Stay sexy!
    Your biggest admireror and fan,

  11. Fabian says:

    Sobre gustos!… para mi lo mas exitante es ver como acabas en su boca mientras te la chupa rico y su lengua saborea lentamente ese jugo hermoso que chorrea, para terminar tragandose todo el exquisito semen de tu guapo miembro….

  12. Robert says:

    On his face! Tilt his head back, stop stroking, grab your cock and point and shoot. See if you can cover his whole face. I think you can. Or you could do a video like the creamy cumshot pictorial. Watching you cum on your own cock is hot.

  13. Franjo says:

    in his mouth… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Yarick says:

    Dear Mariana!
    I’ll be thankful fore you if I can see your cum on yours partners face… You’re fucking him into the face so hard and deep… I like it so much!!! I’d like to become your partner, but I live in Russia))))

  15. leni says:

    if i was that guy i want ur cum in my mouth and face i will taste ur shecum and drink it and also suck ur shecock.
    Ur dick remains in my mouth till u give me ur urine wow am really lucky.

  16. Yannick says:

    Me, i want in my mouth!!!! Deeply! I want to eat you!
    And after, i take your ass

  17. Hasnofaith says:

    Make that worshiper take it in the mouth, then let that cream ooze from his satisfied grin.

  18. Dennis says:

    I Would love to do a movie with you!

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