What is it with me?

Did I not tell you? I am so distracted. I wrote yesterday thinking it was Friday. I even wished you happy weekend, hahaha. I was salivating for the weekend and look at me now, sitting of this couch watching a Spaniard movie and consuming myself inside of my apartment.

I need a daily plan so I can differentiate the days because as I am now all of them look exactly the same. And I am very crafty when it comes to time because I easily make up a plan. My plan now is to pull out one of my favorite porn movie and finger my ass nicely in front of the TV while those whores get fucked by the same guy they did yesterday and the day before and everyday I have watched it. If I only had my camera here to film me!!!

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2 Responses to What is it with me?

  1. Sam says:

    Sounds like a great idea……but instead of your finger I can use my tongue :p

  2. Average Joe says:

    I wish I was the camera man, with the hard-on watching.

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