Ts Panties! Mine can barely hide my big cock!

Ts Panites! Mariana’s can barely hide her big cock! So, some of you may know and others may not. But most TS use special made Ts Panites to hide their cocks. This way they dont pop out at the wrong time!

And those special Ts Panties are made a certain way and they are usually also very small! in fact almost all of them are so small they dont work on Mariana. So she has to have special, Special, TS Panties made! 🙂

Since she has a rather large cock she has to work extra hard to hide it.  We want you to take a close look in the photo below and see what we mean. We also want you to have your cock in your hand while you look.

While you look and stare watch and feel your own cock grow hard in your hand! You will love that feeling. Now make comments here and let us know how it felt. I personally want mine hard as well. Almost every time Mariana takes her ts panties like these off, my cock gets thicker and stiffer. I love it.

And as a result, I end up masturbating looking at this huge piece of tranny clit until I cum all over my hands ! If you have never watched Mariana do this then its time. Click one of the links in the text and check out the videos and also the photos!

Ts Panties

For those of you who have never seen Marian before, its time to enjoy her right now. The members area is waiting on you to come inside. Please leave comments as others like to read them as well!

Make sure to enjoy all her site has to offer and visit often. Also make sure to visit here for other samples. We know you will love this site and her members area!


Furthermore if your still looking for more sample photos, click here. Mariana Cordoba’s Big tits!

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