Trans Gamer girl

Trans Gamer girl! So when getting ready to do a shoot with Mariana she had some down time after getting her make up done. Her hair was pulled back tight and she was in panties and bra. At some point, the cry went out of where is Mariana? Bang Bang. Ufff.  No don’t shoot.  We hear and realize that Mariana truly is a Trans Gamer girl. So we changed the shoot to the sample you see below.

Check out the rest of this set and you will clearly see why Mariana likes to play on the video games. She said it gives her a rush and that makes her cock hard. Clearly she is telling the truth because you can see her Joy stick ready for use right there.

Trans Gamer girl

For those of you who want to see the rest of this set. Click on the image above to be taken directly to the tour of Mariana’s website.

Otherwise you can surf more hot samples of her on this one. Please make sure to comment on all the sets that you enjoy.  Take a look at these Sexy Lingerie sets.

Just imagine playing a game with her in your living room? How long would you actually play the game?

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5 Responses to Trans Gamer girl

  1. Allen Roundtree says:

    Thats a huge XBox controller! You ever go on tour, maybe to Dallas TX.

  2. Joe says:

    I would work that joystick any time. I wonder if you could focus like that with my lips wrapped around that amazing cock?

  3. Joel Victor says:

    what game makes you hard? lol

  4. Jesse says:

    DAmmmmmmm miss Mariana you are sooooo hot, I love and envy your huge enormous juicy cock

  5. Average Joe says:

    What games do you like to play on xbox?
    P.S. You look sexy in that pic, your cock always turns me on.

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