The Longest Penis

No, it’s not mine lol! I was reading about a porn actor named John Holmes, who had 13.5 inches. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago, because I would’ve loved to have filmed something with him. He was as straight as they come, and only made videos with women, never with a transsexual, but it’d would’ve been an interesting concept 🙂

By the way, if anyone knows of a very well hung porn actor (other than Peter North or Lex Steel) willing to film a professionally shot video with me, I’d like to hear about it. No, I’m not craving big cocks lately hehehe, I just want to film an awesome out-of-this-world porn movie!

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28 Responses to The Longest Penis

  1. lordworm says:

    How about Angeles Cid? You can compare cocks and then fuck each other?

  2. zzgoodf says:

    How about Danny D (aka Matt Hughes) he’s a well hung white guy that made both straight and gay movies. I don’t know if he ever filmed with a transsexual, but I think he would do it without hesitation.

  3. James says:

    John Holmes did gay porn as well so I am sure he would of been more than happy to film with a woman as beautiful as yourself. Mister eighteen does scenes with transsexuals and he is as big as they come although he never gets completely hard and John Holmes was similar as I remember. I would love to see you creampie Peter North but whoever you get I can’t wait x x x

  4. Pots says:

    Danny Dong/Matt Hughes has a MASSIVE cock and started his porn career in gay porn. I would love to see those two dicks together!

  5. Luvzbig1s says:

    John Holmes a few years before he died, did do a gay film There are photos on the web of it.
    BTW Mariana II would love to see some photos showing that sweet bung hole of yours

  6. inge meeen says:

    i would love to see you fuck a guy with a cock as big as yours. but its also hot when you fuck guys with smaller dicks, funny too 😛

    BTW: Do you ever do c2c shows?

  7. Miles Davies says:

    Im sure Mia Isabella would be a great shoot shes well hung! How about even Allanah Star, Carla Novais, Renata Davila, Kimber James and Maria Pia!

  8. Steve says:

    Ever consider a tabletop book. I’m looking to shoot something out there and need something not really been done before. Not sure. Something high end glam story driven…

  9. bentslong says:

    If you are looking for a big/monster cock look up Tony Duncan AKA Mr18″. He has been with a few shemales.

  10. TJ says:

    Good luck trying to find someone with a bigger cock than you! haha.

  11. nik99 says:

    lovely snake… 🙂

  12. Ferns says:

    i would love too see you fuck a very sexy girl. with ur BIG COCK even a Hot Ebony girl would be great ill pay to see that

  13. joeyxlxl says:

    Hi . . I ‘ve seen a few John Holmes movies many years ago -Wow , some very beautiful girls were sucking his big cock , made it look so tasty ! I didn’t know Holmes made any Gay Porn but did hear about him getting strung out and selling himself on the street , turning cheap tricks . Remember the movie with Donny Wahlberg ?
    About current sweet cocks , i love she-males ,i have seen some really lovely Brazilian T-Girls with good size tasty cocks.
    None of them makes my mouth water like Mariana , that’s just her succulent lips , i want to kiss her so bad, hypnotic doe eyes , bautiful hair – i want to suck face and suck her tongue out of her ..

  14. amin kabi says:

    i wanna be your friend. im handsome

  15. amin says:

    i love u mariana u be my god

  16. amin says:

    i wanna u be my friend . what must i to do?

  17. rod inmann says:

    When u get to USA. I would love to be the one that is first on your list to wrap my lips around your delicious fantastic cock and drain it dry..

  18. nick magnum says:

    Hey Mariana, my name is Nick and I am a porn actor.
    I would love to talk about your video shoot. Email me lets talk.
    Nick Magnum

  19. KingVers says:

    how about you see if you can film with Shane Diesel or Mandingo, a 3 some with ya’ll fucking a woman

  20. Matt says:

    Hi there I have a nice size cock and would love to work with you. I do have experience too…

  21. G. says:

    I’m not a porn actor, but we can do this short movie

  22. dude says:

    definitely Manuel Ferrara would be a great contender

  23. Craig says:

    What I really have been craving to see is someone deepthroat your amazing cock! I see so many pornos and amateur videos with amazing deepthroat that I know there are people out there that can do it. Have you been with someone who could deepthroat your entire cock?

  24. emilio says:

    yo soy chico español muy atractivo¿no te gustaria joder bien la boca y el culo de un chico madurito que soy yo,mi adorable MARIANA?¡te aseguro que el video seria todo un exito,ademas te haria de todo,mi amor!porfavo,contestame y dejame volverte loca de gusto.dame una oportunidad,linda

  25. steven says:

    i know a couple that do in their personal lives but not on film…like Rocco Siffredi from evil angel….my gf had a ts gf visiting that lived in Argentina and Italy and she said hes a total top with her and would just open her up and laugh at his work after he was all done opening her up leaving her with a huge hole…she said he was amazing just not very versatile.

  26. Chris says:

    I am 4 inches erect and would die to be compared with you in person. You are so gorgeous I would live to worship that wholes body of yours 🙂

  27. Simmo says:

    Hey Mariana your big cock is amazing and it’s something that I really can’t get enough of looking at. Wow I would love to try and deepthroat that

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