The epic collection

Well, you leave me no choice….I am buying new boots. High-heels, fine tips, black, leather, whatever you want, and besides I am forced to buy new lingerie too to match them, and to be sexy and slutty for you. You know how much I love shopping. I take my time to see everything, tough it, feel it, smell it, look here and there. Even the clearance rack. Every time I see expensive and beautiful underwear (lingerie) I think of you, and imagining me wearing it, and the sole idea of you loving it, give me an erection, so yes, I am that pretty shemale, in the lingerie department, with a boner.

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4 Responses to The epic collection

  1. Average Joe says:

    I cannot wait to see a pic of you in your new lingerie and boots. Yes I am very horny of the sight of seeing you in sexy lingerie with that monster cock erect and ready to pound some ass. Also I love you in the boots. So how many pairs of boots do you have now my dear?

  2. Ivastiffy says:

    Mmmm I can’t resist a pretty girl in sexy lingerie … FMBs only add to the sexiness.

  3. Joe says:

    How on earth would you be able to walk around the lingerie department with an erection and not have it show!! That majestic cock would be difficult to hide. It would be a dream to watch you shop for your lingerie. I can just imagine your beautiful breast, long sexy legs, perfect ass and amazing cock as you try on sexy panties, gartbelts, thigh highs. I could be your dressing room assistant, helping you tuck your cock away or pulling up your stockings. One can dream right?

  4. Robert says:

    Where is this lingerie store! If your there with a boner, I’m sure guys would just buy things for you.

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