Sorry but I enjoy giving orders

It’s funny how many of my friends tell me so heavily disguised that I adore giving orders. I have been said so so many times that I’ve come to think it is true. After analyzing myself and realizing that they are right I have concluded that’ll change my way and I will be less demanding and more suggestive, more inviting, more explanatory. For example, instead of saying “Do not leave the glass on the table” I’ll say: “Could you please move this cup to the sink?” or instead of saying, “get on your knees and suck” I’ll say: “Would you kindly get down to the level of my crotch and play with the toy you find in it?”

LOL….I laugh at the idea of being so polite in such a raw moment. Now you, my dear fan and friend, would it turn you on such a well mannered shemale?

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6 Responses to Sorry but I enjoy giving orders

  1. Joel Victor says:

    Of course it would!! that is so suttle but demanding. I love a woman that knows what she wants and knows how to ask politely…making it harder to decline your wishes 😉

  2. Jesse says:

    Please don’t, nothing more sexy than a a woman that knows how to submit a guy

  3. joe says:

    would love to enjoy you both ways beautiful girl.

    free today? email me and lets make it happen


  4. titsncock says:

    It absolutely would turn me on! Only, you don’t have to be THAT polite and formal. A simple, “I’m feeling really horny…would you please suck my cock so I can cum down your throat” will do just fine! 🙂

  5. brian davenport says:

    I luv that u give orders with a cock like that people better listen if u ever make it to wichita, kansas u have a sexy straight country boy that would luv to b ur bitch u r beautiful

  6. binoy says:

    And i would be BLESSED to be ordered by the GODESS and Love to follow them

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