So many sweaty men!

You guys know that I am staying at my mother’s place, helping out with the house remodeling (it’s actually more of a reconstruction than a remodeling job), and although it’s been daunting there has been one small yet tasty reward: over one dozen sweaty men running around without their shirts on, accidentally bumping into me. Oh a girl couldn’t ask for more!

By the way and now that I mention it, their bumping into me may not be completely accidental even though I look dreadful! I have seen “the look” in their eyes.

But who am i kidding? Lots of dust and cement floating around is definitely not good for my complexion and my hair is stiff! I have to wash it daily and have had no time to style it so if I were to put my Halloween costume on right now, I would make a very credible witch 😀

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6 Responses to So many sweaty men!

  1. matt1980 says:

    Lol Mariana…I’ll believe you don’t look fantastic at every moment of the day when you show me photographic proof that you don’t 😉

  2. Ray says:

    Hey sweetie, do you ever come to the US? I would give anything to be your cum, sexy toy and do WHATEVER you want!

  3. MCismyDreamgirl says:

    So your hair is stiff hehe, tell us more, can it be as stiff as your beautiful long toy ?

  4. IvaStiffy says:

    I bet your hair isn’t the only thing that is stiff …..ehhh!

  5. Nik says:

    It would be nice to see you on Halloween costume… Don’t u think that could help us 🙂 ???

  6. John Doe says:

    Hi, Mariana! I’ve been a fan of yours for sometime now and was wondering if you’d do girls in your future sex scenes. I searched for it on the web and found only one group sex scene in which you had a brief intercourse with a girl. I suppose you have more fun with men, but as a fan I’d love to see a woman taking care of your lovely shecock. Please, let us know what you think about it…

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