Short skirts long legs!

Short skirts long legs!

Is it just us or is there something totally hot about seeing Mariana Cordoba inĀ  Short skirts long legs pose like the one below. Man its super hot!

Can you just imagine walking into the house and seeing Mariana waiting on the edge of the table like this. Legs spread. Skirt pulled up enough to show her panties. Then she tells you to kneel down. Get onto your hands and knees and crawl over to her. As she moves her foot towards you she whispers to kiss her feet and up her leg to her panties. Now she places her hand on your head as you lick and kiss the cotton! You can fell that massive snaked of a clit growing harder!

Now as Mariana stands up, gently reach up with both hands. But keep your lips locked to her cock under her panties. Start to pull those panties down and let them slide over your mouth. Also make sure that as soon as the panties go down your lips make contact with the skin of her cock.

Do not wait to see more of this set and see how things can turn out for you. Mariana is the hottest trans babe that you will ever find and you will love her members area, so click here for a tour right now!

Short skirts long legs

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3 Responses to Short skirts long legs!

  1. binoy says:

    Cannot say what will i do when i have the grace of meeting my godess in person…
    That DIVINE COCK and those legs with the SANDALS Make me to worship you More…

  2. binoy says:

    Can you make these photos Downloadble….

  3. binoy says:

    the best photo shoot done by ny GODDESS=> LIFTING MY SKIRT

    I have nearly memorized these photos. i can say which is the next Photo

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