Sex toy

Everyone wants to have and play with a sex toy. So imagine that the kind Mariana has is the kind that she does not need any help with. And she can also just stick it to the wall and back her ass up to it and have some fun. Well Ok. You do not need to image this. You can look below and watch this in action while she enjoys working her own ass with this big toy. If you want to see the whole movie and you know your cock does. Then simply make sure to click on the image at the bottom, or you can click right here to Join Mariana Cordoba.

Now to give you a bit of info about this movie. A fan bought this toy for Mariana and thought that it was the same size as her own cock. It was actually smaller in length and girth. But Mariana wanted to make sure that the fan knew she loved it. So she stuck it to the wall. Lubed her ass hole and backed up to it until it was 10 inches deep in her love hole.

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Sex Toy

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