Sex in a moving train

We all have sexual fantasies. Today I’ll share with you one (I have many) of mine. Having sex in a moving train. The way I like it is in a wagon filled with hay and with the gates open, pressed against the stack and fucked from behind. As it gets near its destination, a cry of pleasure will be muted by the noise of speed, the hay is stuck in my hair and in my face but we are having so much fun that the stunts keep going although we are very careful, we don’t want to end up rolling out of the wagon.

His cock strokes steadily in and out but from time to time the sudden moves of the train makes him stick it in even deeper up in my ass. Even though it hurts, I don’t complaint, I take it all in and want more and more….. and in an abrupt move I cum and all the hay is now covered with my load and then I wake up wet and happy for that dream finally came true.

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2 Responses to Sex in a moving train

  1. mike taylor says:

    Marianna are you currently touring nyc or is someone pretending to be you and running an.add?

  2. andres says:

    Marianaaa diva total!!!. muy buena fantasia!!. yo tengo una: EAT EVERY INCH OF YOUR DICK AND THEN…SWALLOW ALL YOUR CUM TILL THE LAST DROP!!!!. solo quiero q vengas a rosario y me la cumplas jejej. besoootes!!!

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