Only for Members Now :(

Hi guys. I must apologize, but after much thought, I have decided to change my offer to make videos with any of my blog readers. I have received numerous emails and requests, and as you have noticed by the videos in my members area, this has worked out great, with lots of hardcore videos with fresh faces in them 🙂

So yes, it worked out nicely. Until last week, that is. I had a couple of bad experiences involving an underage kid and a prankster. So due to this, I must limit the filming of videos to my members exclusively. I know you guys are all good people that have my safety in mind (although sadly there have been a couple of bad apples) and you will understand.

So, those of you who are interested, please email me using the form inside my members area, and let’s make yours and my fantasies a reality!

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17 Responses to Only for Members Now :(

  1. Nik says:

    So … Do i have to subscribe to your site?

  2. Ted says:

    Unfortunately there are people that misuse every opportunity they are having. That’s so sad.
    I think you made good decision.

  3. Luis Medina says:

    Hola mariana, tengo tiempo vieno tus fotos y videos en la web, me encastas, eres muy bella, soy un miembro nuevo de tu pagina y esta muy buena. Soy de Venezuela. Me parece que res bella

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      hola Luis! Muchas gracias. Saludos a Venezuela, un pais precioso que solo pude visitar una vez.


      • Luis says:

        Hola Mariana, yo tuve la oportunidad de ir a argentina, estuve en ushuaia, me encanto, me hubiese gustado conocerte, espero tener alguna oportunidad, espero te haya ido bien en el cumple de tu abuela, seguro que siiiiii


      • Luis says:

        Hola Mariana, de nuevo por aqui, visitandote, me encanta tu pagina, de verdad eres preciosa

  4. mohamd says:

    where i can fill the forms
    😀 i want ur hot hard
    how many shot u can fire in my ass ?

  5. Abadi says:

    that is good because I member of your website

  6. Joe says:

    Sooooo if I sign up what are my odds?

  7. Unseelie says:

    Where is this form? Glad to fill it out, just in case you ever get to visit the US or I make it down south.

  8. Justin says:

    ahhhhh i’m a month late…. 🙁 i would love to be your bitch for a video!!!!!!! if you change your mind let me know!! i’ll suck that cock as long as you let me

  9. FM says:

    Hey Mariana, I love your vids and find you the most beautiful women alive . Yo soy dominicano y estoy loco contigo Bella. Yo vivo en Miami ahora y yo quiero estas en uno de tu video bella….. What are my chances bella. I’m in great physical shape and a veteran of the military.

  10. Tony Martin says:

    Hi Mariana,
    I posted in your Halloween costume comments and wrote about how I guided my girlfriend into winning a lingerie contest. Since then my interest in cock has grown enough that all I think about is cock now. After watching shemale porn for a while now I have found you to be the most beautiful and attractive shemale to me. I can only image you wanting me to visit and try the same with you. It was fun sitting there in front of her teaching her how to remember them and put them together into an erotic show that won first place. Doing that with you would be a dream come true!!!!!!!

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      Thank you, Tony. Having awaken the beast inside you is an honor 😉 I hope you keep on making your girlfriend do bad things, and hopefully one day you guys will “test drive” a shemale together, and get the best of both worlds!
      A kiss,
      Mariana Cordoba

  11. Ron says:

    I’m still trying to do a video with you

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