Long Legs trans.

Long Legs trans.

It seems from the photo below that Mariana Cordoba is not only a Long Legs trans, but she is also long in other areas. Its very clear in fact that she is swinging more than 11.7 inches of cock. And for those of you who do not know. Yes Mariana Cordoba’s cock gets hard and stands straight up. Usually in anticipation of going deep into your ass.

As you can see in the image Mariana also has very long and pretty legs. She is more often than not photographed in high heels which only accents her legs even more. The heals also like on any woman, reshape her ass and make it look even more amazing than it already is!

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Long Legs Trans

Dont for get that if you want to see more of this Long Legs trans set, you simply need to click on that photo.

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