Lace panties

Lace panties have a way of turning people on. Not just the girl wearing the lace panties. But also the guy looking at her wearing them. Take note if you can of the panties that Mariana has on in this photo. Yes you are going to need to look past that huge erect cock. And that seems to be an issue most of the time that we are looking at her and she has on lace panties. That damn huge erect cock gets in the way. But you as well as I a very happy about that fact. Click to see more right now!

Now. Those panties. Can you imagine her walking around the house in just those, high heels and maybe a bra? Or what ever type of shirt you like to see on a girl with big titties. Personally when I have girl with big titties I like to see a very transparent shirt or maybe a tanktop. That way those big titties and the huge erect cock have all of my attention.

This photo set started because Mariana was in the kitchen doing the dishes with her gloves on and we thought that it was sexy she had on the panties and orange gloves. It was a great contrast. Let us know what you think and make sure to share those thoughts in the members area of the website.

Lace panties

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