If I was a millionaire

I feel like going shopping today. As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to go shopping right now LOL. I don’t know what I want but i’ll find something. It’s funny when you walk in a store how the sales representative always asks you if you are looking for something in particular, and I always say, yes, I am looking for something I like.

Back to the shopping, I know I will buy lingerie, maybe shoes, I need a new shower curtain and liner, a pottery pot for a new plant. If I was a millionaire I would spend a lot of time in and around the malls, that’s my flaw, I try to be a better person everyday and not to fall in love with material things but shopping is my weakness.

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2 Responses to If I was a millionaire

  1. Larry says:

    LOL, I’m a salesperson and I ask those silly questions. I like your response. I bet you look hot walking into the store. You’d get my full undivided attention. I’d show you whatever you wanted to see. I haven’t walked out with a customer yet, but my manager knows if it happens I’ll be back. He’ll just say I went home sick. *cough

    Thanks for the fantasy Mariana!

  2. sun says:

    Hello Marian, you’re fantastic. I will follow you from a few months … and I have no words … I’d like to talk to you, if you want my address.

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