Hello loves!!!

Hello loves!!! Have been waiting for me? ‘ve been wanting to see me? been desiring me…wishing to suck my shecock and I yours? Here I am, full of energy and eager for this autumn weekend. My shecock is doing fine, very quite, serene, enjoying this impasse which is not going to last very long because I have sex in my agenda for very soon!! 🙂

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7 Responses to Hello loves!!!

  1. Average Joe says:

    I would swallow your load.

  2. Joel says:

    Cool. Love seeing your beautiful face. Have a good weekend! Hope to talk to you soon.

  3. stevie says:

    hey mariana, could you send me a signed picture? God i love you so much.

    Love Steviexxx

  4. Shadowt5 says:

    Hello Mariana.

    Im new here. Im a straight guy who discovered the beauty of shemales couple of months ago (but didnt have the chance yet to meet with a shemale yet) and since I found a pic about you, you immediatly became my favourite, so yes, Im always waiting for new contents and blogposts from you. And yes again, I wish to suck your shecock and you mine.
    Have a good weekend. Kisses

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      Welcome Shadow..and thank you for choosing me to walk you into this memorable experience. You could have chosen many others but something caught your attention when you saw my advertisement right? Could it be that tiny cock of mine? Nah….it’s so little you must have skipped it!!!

  5. titsncock says:

    That leopard print dress looks amazing on you! It sounds strange hearing you say “autumn”, since it’s spring here in the States. Stay gorgeous!

    • Mariana Cordoba says:

      I live in Argentina…all the way down from where you live in the States. It is autumn here and it is beautiful.

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