Happy Birthday Fernando

Fernando is my mom’s dog…don’t be jealous. He is turning 9 years today. Now he is old but he used to be a proud German Shepard who drove all the chicks-dogs around the neighborhood crazy and made them drool for him. It’s funny because a few weeks ago I was watching an American TV show called “The sharks tank” or something like that in which people come in front a panel of investors with their ideas for new businesses. This lady in particular had the idea of party food for animals, like special cakes and sweets to celebrate their birthdays. The panel did not take that idea under consideration for a fast growing business and I dont know why because a lot of people love their pets to the point of wanting to treat them on their birthdays.

In my mom’s case I know she would no mind to spend a fortune on Fernando. She is all obsessed with his health and appearance. Sorry, I did not mean to take the entire post today to speak about my mom’s pet’s birthday, but you see? Fernando deserves this, he is a special dog and I love him 🙂

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