The easiest thing in the world is impossible in my country. Sorry for those Argentineans who are reading but they wont deny what I say. It sounds incredible I spent a whole day trying to get a originial Birth Certificate and I left in the evening without it. It frustrates me so much bureaucracy and so many women going to do the manicure to the office. I have to return tomorrow.
Changing the subject … how was your weekend? I know that the South Floridians were wet for the most part .. just like my crotch, but for another reason.

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4 Responses to Frustration

  1. ante says:

    you should start selling a dildo copy of your dick. clone a willy 🙂

  2. Joel victor says:

    its still a beautiful country. you will get it soon. good to have some rain here so dry lol and good to have a wet cock ;p

  3. Average Joe says:

    You need to complain to the local politician in your area about this concern address it to them.

  4. John says:

    Hope you have a better day today! I think you are absolutely gorgeous, and it is fun to read your blog and learn a little bit about you.

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