Now everything is finished. It looks beautiful and spacious. Even I have a place to put a shelves with my orchids. I’m happy to have come to the end with this project because my mom always says that I never finish what I start, lol. She’s right because I am like that. Half of the things I start remain incomplete, then there are many halves in half. But do not worry my dear admirer because the things I do for you I complete with pleasure and always give them a happy ending.

On another note I was invited to a winter celebration in an exclusive club and I don’t have anything to wear that is classy and casual at the same time so right now I am hitting the road with my cellphone in ona bra-cup and the key and the credit card in the other to buy me something for the ocasion.

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  1. Hakan ( Mr ) says:

    Hello dear Mariana,
    How are you? Hope you are doing well.
    My name is Hakan, from far away from you, from Turkey. I am a 27 years old, good looking, some handsome 🙂 virgin boy ( have never been passive before ) and I want to be yours, I completely want to give myself to you. However, I dont know whether we can meet in real life and even not sure whether you read my this letter or not?

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