Do I look black to you?

I am literally LMFAO because I got a comment from a fan who says “He loves my black cock”, hahahaha….that weed wasnt good honey, dont smoke it again, furthermore dont even buy it ‘cuz it aint do good to your eyes or to your sense of colors…or are you colorblind with no help? hahahaha, dont worry, far from getting mad or anything it made me laugh, and you know much Mariana appreciated laughing.

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2 Responses to Do I look black to you?

  1. deya says:

    some men are porn damaged they think everything big is black and everything black is big 🙂

    btw im a huge fan of yours! <3

  2. ivan says:

    Hi Maria, I am from Iran and I love my body and I love you forever
    I’m with you and I wish you love and I’m on your side
    Your photos on my computer screen is always
    I lave u mariya
    سلام ماریا
    من عاشقتم
    تو خواب همش به یادتم و فکر میکنم بغلمی عاشقتم دوست دارم
    با تمام وجود دوست دارم

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