Black lace panties.

There is not man alive that does not love to see black lace panties on the woman of their dreams. That of course goes for you and I as well. And for me, Since Mariana Cordoba is one of the women of my dreams, getting to see her in black lace panties. Well its a dream come true. And I do have to say that I believe one of the reasons its a dream come true is because I love to see how she packs her cock into her panties. Black lace panties or not it always comes out more than just sexy. Its Smokin hot and needs to bee seen in a still image like the one below. Trust me, you will thank me for this photo.

Honestly once you see a trans girl cock like this packed into black lace panties. Or any lace panties for that matter you are simply going to want to see more and more. There is something very sexy about seeing that big cock tucked back and curled into the panties to hold it in place. That way it is hidden in her clothing. Then getting to watch Mariana strip off those panties? The way her cock will pop out and uncurl to its full length as it gets hard. How sexy is that. But one of the best things is, that the lace panties make Mariana excited and horny and to see what she does when she gets hot. Just click on the image below.

Black lace panties

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