Bathtub Masturbation!

Bathtub Masturbation. I am working in a video in which I go back to masturbating in the water.  And yes it will be called Bathtub Masturbation!

This time I will not be by myself. I will have company. When I was a teenager I would go with a couple of friends to the beach and right there in the water we fucked each other. We all loved to have sex in the ocean. Now I am far away from the sea but I managed to bring my own beachy paradise (less the sand) and someone too. Masturbating in the water is fascinating. Have you tried it?

Come right now and take off your clothes. Yes drop them right there by the side of the Tub. Let me watch your naked body slide into the water. I hope your cock gets hard slow. Now that you are wet and soapy reach over to my pole and touch it softly! Keep a lot of bubbles on your hand and start to stroke me! Slow down baby we want this to last.  Yes just like that. Stroke the shaft from the top to the bottom. All the way down. Now with your other hand caress my balls.  Of course you can suck my big cock my love!

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Bathtub Masturbation

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3 Responses to Bathtub Masturbation!

  1. binoy says:

    The photos 24,39,40,43,44,45,47,48,49,50 are the ones that just kiull me, GODDESS And The 46th photo is the photo that i love where you show the DIVINE COCK in it’s full Grace and grandeur => Standing like a rock… 56 and 57 i use to masturabte today morning Imagining that the DIVINE COCK was shooting it’s loads of CUM(which i call the SHOWERS OF BLESSING from GODDDESS MARIANA) into my mouth. The last one i.e. 62 is the most majestic one. Wish i could serve you, my GODDESSS

  2. bostjan says:

    mariana i love your body you are perfect shemale with great cock love you

  3. titsncock says:

    Can I wash you, slowly and sensuously, from head to toe, front to back, inside and out? 🙂

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