Afraid of the dentist

The only thing in my mind since yesterday is a dentist appointment I have tomorrow at 3pm. I hate dentistssssss, not dentists, sorry, I hate going to the dentist, if I am going ‘cuz I’ll have something done in my mouth. I remember my mom taking us to the dentist, I was worried prior to that visit, when my mom anounced it a month in advance. I would ask in my prayers that the building exploded, or the dentist died.

That has not changed much. I am an adult now, but an adult that is terrified of the dentist.

But I will go, it is a check up only but I dont know how they do it to always find something wrong with your teeth. It does not matter if you floss three times a day, they will find something that needs work, and it must involve a gigantic syringe with a gigantic needle.

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  1. douglas says:

    Hello SEX i have to go to the dentist too.I am thinking that you could be blowing me & fucking me whilst in the dentist chair,That would bring around a whole (hole) new meaning of going to the dentist.Ha!Ha! Mariana cordoba”s Dentist Chair free check ups but you have to pay for the pain.

  2. alejandro says:


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