I did not tell you what a great time I had at the fair last week. It was really fun. It was like I was feeding my inner child. I rode everything and laughed a lot, with the lower part of my stomach, that we don’t do every day. We took a bunch of pictures goofing around. Some people looked and me and recognized me. Even a guy walked to me and whispered in my ear “Beauty, you are everywhere” and made me blush.

Another guy asked me if he could take a picture with me and autograph his shirt which I did happily. It was a fame-moment I really enjoyed.

Today I went to the bank, bough some groceries, a puzzles book, and now I am seating here in the living room writing you, which is also very important.

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One Response to 4/23/2012

  1. Ivastiffy says:

    If I saw you walking around I would not be able to stop myself walking up to you and giving you a big hug and a cheeky squeeze down below …. even if I got a slap it would be worth it 🙂

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