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Cock-Flavored Ice Cream

The other day I went for ice cream and the darn thing was so good and soooo cold that it made my big shecock shrivel! So that gave me the idea to show you guys what it looked like under … Continue reading

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I forgot to add a Picture of my Painting Video :P

sorry, I forgot to give you a preview yesterday… here it is!

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House Painting!

I’ve been painting my house for the last week and by now I’m so tired! I have blisters in my hands and my neck hurts from looking up while painting the ceiling. But two good things have come out of … Continue reading

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Nude Sunbathing Shemale

How would you like to watch me sunbathe nude while letting my cock hang loose and get a little bit of a tan. Come to think about it, my cock is now looking a little darker…..yum! dark shemale cock!

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